Stormseeker Studios is an independent game and application developing company based in Montreal, Canada.

Philosophy Edit

Radically Ambitious Realism

We aim at creating the best game ever made. We think it is possible now more than ever and that the gaming community is on the look-out for that game. The difference we offer, rather than being the gameplay itself, the art direction or the polish of the product, will be philosophical. It will be in the all-inclusive game design and meta-implications of the franchise. We aim at making software that optimises human affairs and makes our lives better. We believe we have to save the world. By connecting ideas together, we are able to achieve a breakthrough that can have a beneficial impact felt through time.

Careful Transhumanism

We believe that technology can help us make a better world. We believe there is solutions to the world's problems and that it is our responsability to make them a reality. We also are conscious of the potential dangers or traps technology can hide. The main concern is human and environmental health.

Durable Economism

We believe that the current environmental crisis is systemic. It is the goal of profit and growth that justifies rutheless exploitation, pollution and waste.

Dynamic Collectivism

We want to devise systems that give the people a way of being heard and share ideas.